Dec 10, 2009

Nintendo DS games for the whole family

Parents, sooner or later you are going to have to face the GAMING issue.

Video games . . .
Well, they are here to stay.

I still remember my first video game system.
The Nintendo.
Ah, Mario was top dawg back then.

There weren't many systems to choose from back in "my day".
Things have changed.....
My husband is what I call the PRO VIDEO GAMER.

My kids definitely get their love FOR THE GAME from him.
Each one started playing some form of system at the tender age of 4.
Their system of choice-Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi, hands down.

So, it's only natural that we add DS games to their ever-growing wish list.

I wanted to give you a few more suggestions before the big day gets here :

Charm Girls Club My Fashion Mall
This one is for your little fashionista!

charm girls fashion mall

About the game:
She will work her way through the mall completing missions such as makeovers, pouring lattees and caring for puppies at the petstore.
Complete missions to earn charms and new fashions. The more you earn, the bigger your mall will get.
The bigger the mall, the better!
There are 10 mini games including facials, fashions, manicures, pet pampering and more.
Sounds fab, huh?
She will love it.

SimAnimals Africa
For the Animal lover!

sims africa

About the game:
SimAnimals on the Nintendo DS allows players to bring the African adventure with them anywhere and play with friends!
Featuring all of the animals included in the Wii adventure, the DS version also features exclusive animals such as parrots, cheetahs, meerkats, aardvarks and even a surprise secret animal as a reward for finishing the game! Build relationships with these wild, African animals, discover their secret abilities and use them to help solve challenges.
Collect items to earn each reward badge in the game. The stylus and microphone allow players to interact with the animals and environment in a totally unique way. The friendly parrot is your guide through the African landscape. Talk to him through the DS microphone and he’ll repeat back what you said! Conquer the African kingdom in co-op mode, where friends can trade plants and animals and play together to achieve goals faster.

Hasbro Family Game Night 2

For the entire family
(my personal favorite)

hasbro family game night

Some of your favorite board games are now on Nintendo Wii and DS.
Games such as Operation, Jenga, Bop-It, Connect 4 and Pictureka! right there at your fingertips.
No game board to worry about.
No game pieces.
Just YOU and your handheld DS (or Wii).
Mr. Potato Head leads the way as master of ceremonies.
He will serve as your video game "host".
Make game night extra fun by challenging your friends and family with Hasbro Family Game Night 2.

All games rated E for everyone.

For more info about any of the games above visit

Foghorn PR (on behalf of EA Hasbro) sent me the above mentioned games for review purposes.
No other form of compensation (monetary) was received. The opinions in this feature are my own.


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