Dec 7, 2009

Give her LPSO for Christmas (Littlest Petshop Virtual Pets)

"Mom, Can I get on the computer now??"
"What about now?"

Uhhh... Yeah, that's what I deal with now? When did she become old enough or SMART enough to get on the computer anyway?
I miss my laptop.

Parents, let's face it. Kids on the computer/internet.....Well, it's happening whether we like it or not.
Computers are everywhere.
(I do believe that they will take over the world someday. BUT, that's a story for another post.) LOL!

I'll tell ya what, I would much rather my child be interacting online through these new LPSO thingamajigs over some of the OTHER stuff out there.

What's this LPSO you talk about??
Well, to be honest when I first heard the terminology from my daughter I thought it was some new "computer talk". You know, like some of those codes out there I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
I was wrong though.
They are part of the Littlest Petshop family.
I know my Littlest Petshop, YO!

Here's a little Overview: (from
LITTLEST PET SHOP ONLINE is an exciting all-new world for you, your friends and your favorite LITTLEST PET SHOP pets! Play cool games, take part in creative activities, connect with friends and make new ones too! Premium Members will be able to create their own pets, buy clothes and accessories for their pets, build a home for their pet, and much more! As you care for your pets and explore the world of the LITTLEST PET SHOP ONLINE, you'll get to see your special pets come to life online before your eyes.

Ok, sounds cool....
We decided to check them out while christmas shopping this year.
They are cute and resemble the already popular Littlest Petshop V.I.P.
Much to my surprise.....they were not expensive at all.
Actually, the one's we bought for my oldest daughter were cheaper than some of the V.I.P. pets.
They must be pretty popular too because we only had a few to choose from.

Definitely Christmas list worthy!!


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