Nov 23, 2009

Predators (Animal Planet) dvd

The Big girl loves animals.
Yep, even the big and scary ones with lots and lots of teeth.
She does NOT get that from me. I assure you.
I'm more of a cute and cuddly type of gal (and not much else).
The Big girl also likes watching those big and scary animals on Animal Planet.
Big and Scary animals attack, y'all.
Just sayin...

Not as in a little NIBBLE here and there....
I am talking about CHOMP.
The end.


Big girl knows this.
She still likes ALL ANIMALS.
Ok, she is weird.

Got a scary animal lover too?
You need to check this dvd out :
(and let this teach them a valuable lesson....DON'T GET TOO CLOSE!)

Predators from Animal Planet


About the dvd
Providing an intimate look at humans who have experienced and survived horrific animal encounters, After The Attack explains the post traumatic but triumphant lives of people who have encountered some of the most complex creatures including the great white shark, grizzly bear, mountain lion and the American alligator. From elephant charges to snake bites, Up Close And Dangerous details the bravery of professional wildlife filmmakers and their commitment to getting the perfect shot, regardless of the price. Journeying to the breath-taking shores of Central America, Killer Crocs of Costa Rica details the life of an American crocodile raising her young in the spectacular coastal rainforest. A fascinating look into the wild kingdom, Predators will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.95.

Disclaimer: BHImpact sent me a copy of this dvd to review. I was not compensated in any other way (payment) for this post. The review above is entirely my own opinion.


Kim said...

Hubby loves the Predators (big kitties). He's an odd one. Sure they're pretty, but if you go to pet them, they'll rip your torso off! You might need that!

Anonymous said...

Wow they are so brave. I would be shaking if I held the camera. My husband would enjoy this.

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