Nov 18, 2009

Construct FUN with K'NEX !

I am willing to bet that if I were to come take a peek inside your playroom, I would find gobs and gobs of toys. Toys just sitting around in containers or toy boxes.....Toys that have not seen the light of day since Christmas 2008. Am I right?

It's pretty typical.
Child sees toy on tv.
Child wants toy.
Child gets toy.
THEN . . .
Child becomes B-O-R-E-D with toy.
(quite possible within the first 24 hours)

I see you nodding.
You know what I am talking about.

There are so many toys out there that serve only one purpose. Once that purpose has been served.....NEXT!
Children need toys that intrigue their imaginations.
Children need toys that can be played with OVER and OVER again.
Leave the boredom behind and get those creative juices a-flowing.



We were recently gifted with the K'NEX 400 piece tub and the Sesame Street Neighborhood collection building set (Police Car).
I already knew that K'NEX was a reputable brand with outstanding quality because we own several of their other playsets.

It was nice to be able to test out a couple of new products though!

A little bit about the products we reviewed:

K'NEX 400 Piece Tub- The K'NEX 400 Piece Tub is a flexible building system that lets your child explore and build both 2-D and 3-D models. It includes building items for 20 different models, a convenient storage tub, and endless hours of building and playing.

K'NEX 400 piece tub

The Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection- The Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection lets children build and then play with their favorite Sesame Street friends, including Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie. With four individual sets to choose from, kids can build and rebuild over and over again.

sesame street knex
My son is the "builder" in our family so the 400 piece tub was his favorite.
What I liked about it: (besides the hours of quiet time that I got when he was building)
It tested his creativity...
Just when he thought he was done, he would think of something else to build and go back at it.

Another plus---THE STORAGE TUB!!

I would definitely recommend both of these products as christmas gifts this holiday season.

K'NEX 400 piece tub (for ages 7 and up)
retail price: $20.99
Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection, Police Car (for ages 2-5)
retail price: $10.99

Win $1000 worth of K'NEX Building sets!!

Disclaimer: I received both products above from Team Mom (childsplaypr) to review. No other form of payment (cash) was received. This review/opinion on the above product(s) is my own. I was not paid to endorse these products.


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