Oct 23, 2009

Mythbusters Weird World of Water Kit

The other day, I posted this on twitter:
@trendytykes: We are launching a rocket today. Should I call the news station?? I may or MAY NOT hop on board.....

The rocket was part of the Mythbusters Weird World of Water kit by Elmers.

Mythbusters activity kits are trial and error hands-on format made popular by the Discovery Channel's top show, Mythbusters. Each kit has several myths to "bust" regarding the specific title: Power of Pressure, Forces of Flight and Weird World of Water.

With the Weird World of Water kit you can create a water powered rocket, liquid rainbows, and test the power of a whirlpool.
All parts and instructions are included w/ the kit.
The only thing we needed was vinegar and baking soda (for the rocket to launch).

The instructions were fairly simple (according to hunky hubby).
Were we able to launch a rocket using ingredients from the kitchen pantry?

It was pretty COOL. (according the the tykes)
It really did go pretty high up in the air and I believe it would have went a little higher with more vinegar and baking soda.

Myth of the deadly vortex
I will not tell you if this one is confirmed.
You will have to try it yourself......bwahahaha!
I will tell you that it is easy to assemble and test. My daughter (10) created this one on her own.

My thoughts on this kit:
I liked it a lot.
I thought it was a great way to have some fun with the kids and mix a little education in there too.

FYI: The Weird World of Water kit received the Family Fun magazine 2009 T.O.Y award.

Available nationwide at Toys "R" Us, Target and Wal-Mart.
suggested price: $19.99

Disclosure: Team Mom (ChildsPlayPR) sent me this product to review. Other than the product, I was not compensated in any other way. These are my opinions on this particular product. I am not pushing them on you, I promise.
However, IN MY OPINION, this is a pretty nifty product and I would definitely buy another kit. If you don't want to buy a kit.....DON'T BUY one.

If you would like to buy a kit then they are available at the places above. Oh yeah...those places have not paid me to put their store name up there either. I put them up there because...I can.


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